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Childrens therapy


In the development of a childs speech, some abnormalities can occur that initiate a speech therapy.

Some children start talking at a later date or talk less often than other children of their age. It can also happen that they don´t speak as clearly so that you cannot understand them very well or that they slur some phonetics or mix them up. Several children also show difficulties in verbalizing their thoughts because they lack the right words and grammar.

In some cases impairments of the speech are caused by a brain disorder or a processing impairment of the things heard. Because of that often the impression is created that the child isn´t listening or does forget the things heard very soon.

Some other children start stuttering, repeat some phonetics or words and sometimes aren´t even able to speak a word. Besides this there are a lot more abnormalities in the childs speech that can occur and should be treated by a speech therapist.

Childrens treatment areas

  • Delayed development of the speech/impairments in the development of the speech („late talker“)
  • Minor vocabulary
  • Abnormalities in grammar/syntax (dysgammartism)
  • Disorder of the pronunciation (articulation disorder, phonological disorder, dyspraxia)
  • Disorder in the understanding of the speech
  • Auditive processing and sensory disorder (AVWS)
  • Speech impaiments due to hearing deficiency
  • Motoric disorder of the mouth (myofunctional disorder)
  • Feeding disorder
  • Speech impairments due to bilingualism
  • Speech impairments due to disablilities
  • Reading and spelling disability (dyslexia) and weakness in arithmetic (dyscalculia)
  • Stutter in children
  • Battarism
  • Mutism
  • Autism

Our treatment approach is holistic and playful. The aim is that your child likes the therapy and gets new impulses how to manage and overcome their difficulties. 

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